On These Grounds

The unkept promises begin
to seem no more than lies to me;
for how can I continue to believe
in that which never shows itself as true
within this one moment of reality
that we live and breathe and are?

More and more, as time goes on,
you push me further and yet further ,
away to a place where we canít even
find the time or place to touch
in any realm that speaks of love at all.
And so again, another fall from grace,
or anything that might redeem
the heaven that this love once offered us.

Did you eíer imagine that it might be you
that now must face the consequences
of the actions that you took
without regard for love
or for the depth of all the pain
you will to be projected into  me?

Well, reality must speak yet once again
and this time, not in your favor;
for you pushed me way too far beyond
any level I might trust at all.
And I simply canít believe a word
you say - not any more.
For you speak of all
that love is not these days.

And you have lied to me,
too many times and in too many ways,
for me find a way to get beyond
your choice of games instead of love
that you have acted on again.
My role has never been and never
will become the stance of savior
that dies in agony for othersí sins.

So now the choice is left to me
and I must see it through;
eíen as I cut the misty cords
that once held me there, with you.
For I simply canít allow you
to abuse me in this way.

So stay, oh erstwhile love of mine,
for where you are is truly where
you always have belonged -
there inside yourself
where escape remains just out of reach,
as you refuse to free yourself.

And on these grounds,
there is no help yet left to offer;
as you choose, another time,
perhaps forever,
to live within those prison walls
you built...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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