Open Doors

I find myself sinking,
again and more deeply,
into realms Iíve only
touched upon before;
where doors loom out of shadows,
speaking openly of entrance.

Mystifying -
these adventures of the soul.
Meshing, in significance,
the world out there
with all that lies inside -
if only we abide by what we find.

I come upon a wall here,
just recently constructed,
composed of very old but strong
emotional complexions.
And I sense you waiting, waiting
there, just on the other side
of love that once upon time
was true.

Yet I cannot find my way around
this fortress that youíve built -
of pain and guilt and angry memories.
I call to you, but still no answer comes;
even as I feel your desperation rising
on the tides of air yet once again.

The tools of its demise, however,
only exist on the side of one extremity
where you have chosen to abide,
away from me and all the love
that we still know is true.
So long you sit, unmoving and unmoved,
proving by your momentary actions
of division and decision,
and your lack of energy,
that your promises to me
were all untrue.

Yet you somehow cannot seem to move
through any of the open doors
that freely offer you,
the chance to finally
be this love so true.

So alone, I wonder through another open door,
praying that the words of never more
will not insinuate themselves between
these strands of love
that we still hold in sanctity -
even through these painful interludes
of the necessary letting go -
offering the space we need
to have a future too...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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