Out of Reach

Another sleepless night
A fire burning deep and bright
Flames leaping, keeping vigil
Oh, great mystery of Sybil
Prophesy my destiny to me

Within the endless sea, the waves are roaring
Deep, the storm Poseidon brings to be
Abysmal, oh this weight of great emotion
Flooding through the veins of all we are
While stars on high sing lullabies to thee

Silence seeks to keep it buried deep
Subliminal, the passages that bleed in images
Phantasmagoric memories keep vigil
Through the mysteries of night and day
They speak now in the howling of wind

Friends long dead arise to tell a tale
Fable based on ardent history
Myth out of proportion in pure misery
For every task they took the time to fail
Hail, virgin mothers of us all
We sleep the deep of your virginity

Stressed and strained, we still remain
Awake as dawn begins to break again
Power explodes within our every vein
Exemplary, the attitudes that bring
Blind belief back to the fore of time
Where mind expands into infinity

Insanity is sweet and kind
Easing into trouble minds
Launching us like birds in flight
Into the maddened magic of the night
Where wide awake, we lay and play
A line from every song we ever heard
Running here and there in a cacophony

Savagely, the beat of drums become
Blood too swiftly running in a heart
That longs to beat its rhythm out
Ending to begin again within
A softer note than life has ever spent
Likening the endless crashing waves
To lifetimes when they longed and craved
Unsatisfied, they bowed and crawled away

Thunder, lightning, beating rain
Staccato on the window pane
Temples throbbing momentary pain
That never seems to end at all
And then the fall, as sun becomes
Too brightly fused with all it used
Up and up, we sink in desperate misery

Angels, devils, faeries, elves
Tinkling bells upon the shelf
The night has won another round
Its agonies will not be found
Within the smile plastered on your face
As morning dawns, and rats begin to race
Success only another millimeter
Out of reach...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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