Perplexing Verity

Puzzling search for understanding,
perplexing verity of soul set free.
Where is it that you lead me now?
I have walked your plains
and wastelands all unaided for so long.
Who is that now wonders here with me?

I see vast arches in the distance,
outspanning time and space
within the grace of their existence;
waiting for this chase to gain
and gaining, to retain its potency.
Magnetizing form to take its shape
and place as just one point within
unending flows of energy.

Sorcery is in the air.
I sense its magic in the making
building in a peak of great desire.
Its purpose just to hold
and thus control another life;
as if its own were not enough
or something to postpone.

Bewitchingly, the night has fallen, in
a mist of clouds that cover moon and stars;
and yet a crystal light is growing,
glowingly ensconced somewhere within.
And here, in dark discovery, we are
no more than just a particle
afloat in oceanic waves of creativity -
rising, falling - endlessly into emotion.

And so we cling to what we know of mind,
finding all past knowledge
simply not enough to tell
the wonders of a life lived well;
or what one surge of happiness
can mean to dreams just forming
in this puzzling search for understanding.

Oh, perplexing verity of soul set free
Where is it that you lead me now . . .?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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