Point of View

Ah, the endless points
within the vastness of creation
Which view shall we now hold
as true at all...?
A passion that leads to surrender
to this eternity of life itself...?
or honesty or chastity, perhaps
within a dying sense of loyalty

Or shall we reach again
for something more
than any father figure of authority
has yet to deem the right and good...?
to find again the motherhood
of all creation of this life
in conscious form

Masculine and feminine
so long these battles waged
have brought no more than ending
creating nevermore within the depth
of their belief in death
yet this is truly the beginning of it all
just when the fortress and the walls
of our containment cease to be
the terror and the fear
that once composed a blind reality
of faith again unbound within her womb

And oh, those fiery rages of wrath
that burn it all to ash again
When will the phoenix rise
into the freedom of the skies
yet once again
and rain, to claim its reign
of all eternity...?

For truly can we be no more
than what we dare to see
within the mirror of our creation
yet truly does all life begin
beneath, beyond the blindness
that we ourselves have led
and the paradox of points some bring to be
when belief is truly all we have to live
within the view or views we choose
to see as life itself

So what shall we choose...?
for the mirror of our own image
now demands
so much more than ever
came to be before

I am, we are
this love of life itself
and only this is truly true
at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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