He called to her then,
by spirit and name,
for she had sunk too far within
the emptiness of all despair
to ever rise again upon the earth
of her own and lonely power.
And long, so long, hed known
that it was she that he was
truly meant to be for.

Whispering, her voice no more
than just a breeze, a wind,
she said, "Im here..."
and guided by his inner ear,
he followed the vibrations
of her spoken words;
for the mists were deep
within this awful keep
of her destruction.

Yet for every step he took,
she melted back, away from him,
in increments that seemed to stay the same.
No gain, no loss, just tossed within
an endless, aching need of his desire.
And yet to be whole,
he must banish the mists,
uplifting the stars and the moon;
that dawn might rise again
oer all the lands of her reality.

He followed the beat
of a rhythm he felt deep within his heart,
and wondered how he might evoke
this rhythm into being,
so that she might hear it too.
And so he sang,
at first a hum of thready melody
not quite yet composed into a tune;
and ever so slowly, the moon
begin to draw a little light into the night
in which they seemed so lost.

His heart beat with a love so true,
he dared even the dark side of the moon
(that endless pit where all emotions
seemed to dwell in depths unknown to him),
that she might rise, from those tides
created of man and a god so alike,
that never had they thought to find
the time or space to bring her there -
to immortality.

Without a sound, he heard her crying out,
and then, without a thought,
his crystal voice rang through the air
in words hed never dared expose before.
This bard that only now had come to know
of the great power that lay in between
this wispy air in all the love
so long withheld within the well
of his depression.

And to this day, he swears
he saw a star newborn,
alight just then within the sky,
just as he sang her back to this
the life she had so long ago created...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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