Red Roses, Black Satin

Red roses, black satin,
the coffin is sealed
Alive, alone -
he waits spellbound.
for the feel of his
initiation to begin;
one red rose clasped
in his tight shut hand.

He closed his eyes,
for darkness abounded,
and suddenly
he heard the sounds
of a forest all around
and saw quite clearly
sunlight chasing rainbows
in the air.

And there -a stag,
horned challenger
of mighty strength,
finds the stranger
that a simple scent
of manmade fear
has led him to;
seeking to do battle
with this man who stands
there, within his nakedness
of being.

While the priestess,
oiled and anointed,
waits in wondering -
what will she meet
when he returns?
The man or just a beast
in mortal form...?

Transformingin a transformation.
Visionary images abound.
She joins her strength
with that of man,
and suddenly the stag
is taken down.
Even as she prays
a man, not beast,
will come then
to her arms
and within her.

Red roses, black satin,
the coffin is sealed.
Upon the morn
will be revealed
the truth.

Light within the darkness
bending to the sunshine's
mighty mood.
The dragon roared -
and then, a deathlike hush
fell all across the land...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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