Repetition, oh this endless
repetition of our lives;
bringing to our life, somehow,
an sense of moving change.
For within each repetition,
something moves and must be moved
beyond the point of all that seemed
most stable before now.

For a momentary moment,
we teeter on a higher brink,
not quite knowing whether we will
sink or find the wings to fly,
until we link together once again;
and find the bearing and the born
will always come together yet again,
but only as our destiny unfolds
in increments that simply
canít be known beyond
the point weíre at right now.

In your absence, I have come to realize again
that I must continue in this quest of who I am;
and from there, a further understanding is unfolding.
For you too, have such a quest you must fulfill.
And yet we know, beyond a doubt
that destiny decreed we share, for just a while,
an embrace into the depth and height
and width and breadth of being,
a role within each otherís given paths of life -
even through the times when understanding
can do no more than struggle to survive.

Perplexing and disheveling,
these seeming points of our departure,
as we travel yet again to where
we truly need to be,
and seek to reestablish harmony
in yet another mode, another realm -
lying always just beyond the reach
of a momentary understanding.

Or could it be, that as we leave
we create a space for all return...?
One, and then another,
that always moves toward unity again.
Thus these perspectives seek
to find themselves complete
within one point that opens out
to everything that is.

Repeating in unending variation
just one theme - to love
and then to love again

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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