Restless Hearts

How long will we outlive the things
and people that we threw away, thinking
that we’d never have to feel for them again?
The gap becomes a spanning distance,
far too wide a chasm to be bridged; yet
there an angel stands, upon an arch of
one pure rainbows’ bend, ushering our
souls back home again.

Departure came, within so many thoughts
of yesterday; we grasp, but yesterday is
merely misty memory; and naught can be
the same ever again. For each departure,
in its essence, is a change that once
conceived lives on in reconciling
all we were, but are no more.

One temple stands, e’en now, with nothing
left it might uphold – does the deity once
worshipped there live on? Erectly touching
eyes that have so long forgotten everything
he was; or has he drifted back to endless space,
to grace the starry heavens that respond to his
resplendent face; pacing through the clouds
that thunder his great name aloud.

It rains, we pour another cup of tea and tedium,
happy with the warmth a hearth can bring, but
not for long; for still his song moves endlessly
through these, our restless hearts. Startling,
a lightning flash removes us from our reverie,
as sleepily, we reach for dreams again.

And there he stands, so long awaiting just a touch
of living, breathing tapestries; that once this love
of everything, would weave back into him. How
empty, the mechanics of machines that never
feel the great emotion of all life. Now his sweet
sorrow, for so long unexposed, envelopes all
the beauty of the spring...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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