She Whispered

She whispered softly
as she came to life again,
back from the deepest
slumber of them all;
not knowing where or when or how
she’d come to be just where she was.
Yet still she spoke,
if only in a whispered increment,
for the greatest need of all
was to express it all,
within and by her her mortal form.

At first the words were gibberish
no more than just a rush of great emotion,
and yet she felt herself - as if
she only now were coming home -
within the vast perplexity
she found herself to be.
But still her vision blurred,
as if a newborn just emerged
from deep within the womb.

She looked around and everything
seemed so familiar yet so strange
as if nothing had really changed
(except herself).  Yet still,
she knew herself much better
than those surrounding tapestries
Didn’t she...?

A particle of memory arose
of ages long ago,
when all she was
was of the earth itself;
yet looking down she recognized
this uniquely singular familiarity
that was herself within a form she chose -
a form of flesh and blood and heart,
and strength began to flood
into her limbs again
even as her blood began to flow
in a new freedom ringing out
with every breath she dared to take and give.

Another particle, and then the flood
of all she was - began to run
throughout the intricate perplexity
of this, her very flesh;
as every particle responded,
within a system not yet fully understood.
And so the quest, to know this flesh
in every particle that channeled
 living energy back into the universe.
Then yet again, in cyclic variation -
and this became the meaning
of her life in form.

As reasoning and intuition,
sought beyond the intellect
began to glow within each cell;
just as she fell deep into
the darkness of all matter once again;
stretching, reaching for those chords
of harmony to sing in unison.

Just then the angel fell from heaven,
into mortal form so real
it knew not what to do,
but an inner ear still heard and knew
that voice of sweet, angelic innocence.
And thus her words began to come
in phrases, and in stanzas; even
then, in paragraphs that rose within
the matrix of the source of all of life.
For all the world must now behold
the truth she’d gathered from beyond,
above, below, around.

And somehow as she spoke,
this power of creation filled her,
oft’ to overflowing;
and her words became a melody
as if the sweetest birdsong ever sung
became the mystery of wind in motion.
*The magic was mine all along*
One little phrase, began to heal it all,
as it began to glisten and to gleam
within a sphere of radiating energy,
affecting every single entity
with what it was - complete.

Where e’er she moved, she left a trail
of shimmering starlight in her wake,
while this magic just kept adding to itself
for it was she who’d always been
the great attraction of that
mysterious elixir of all life;
even as she felt their fear
of this, an entity they simply
could not comprehend.

Yet still, she felt a need inside
beyond the fear that seemed
to rule humanity the world wide,
and this need was simply
that she could not stand alone,
not if her quest would
ever be accomplished;
and so her search began
for just one other that might know
this place at which she found herself,
alive and well and whole,
yet still somehow so all alone.

Such solitary moments,
as those she’d come to know
in trance-like state,
have been known to bless;
yet solitary she had been
for all too long.
And still this need of some
companionship and understanding
would rise above all else
into her ever newly risen
state of consciousness.

Just one other who might understand
and in this understanding,
grant acceptance,
through every realm of being
that she seemed, alone, to come to know
One other who would join with her in this,
the greatest undertaking of them all -
to bring this love to all of life in form.

And so she whispered,
softly in the wind now blowing
in the power of this nature’s storm,
sending out her message
in her words so seldom taken in
by others to the level of the heart,
for those others seemed to deem themselves
complete without the love of heart
that created all that matters most of all.

This time, this space, this place
the stone-like rules of its society,
in the multiplicity of its complexity,
still sought to keep her down -
even as the earth itself began
to shake, and then to quiver in response.

Yet still her ever newborn soul
rebounded time and time again,
to leave the airwaves singing in a unity
that only, ever comes of this -
a heartbeat, steady and surreal
that beats its love into eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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