Silent Intonation

Silence descends as you drift into dream;
while I am left alone and wide awake
yet once again. I wonder how it is or
ever came to be, this transference of
your insomnia to me. For time and space
begin and end, somehow within a hold
you seem to keep upon my soul, unasked
and unredeemed by this, the pain and constancy
of your departure from the love we used
to know.

You seem to have a way of holding loving
memories, in stasis for yourself alone; garnered
by the many years of absence in your life.
I wonder how you’ll ever come to see the harm
of holding me in stasis, too; each time you will
in memory, in vision, reveal and relieve
the mass of tension you have chosen once
again to live, so far away from me in time and
space; and yet this being once composed of
love, moves on into eternity.

Would you hold me then until the end of time?
Unable to move or to change or to grow; within
this silent reaching out that never touches;
ascending in the cyclic motion of every night’s
descent into reality. Shall I bleed myself then,
into you, even as this flesh of mine screams
out against the presence of your pain? Yet more
and more I feel a certain kind of loosening
within these realms invisibly repeating every
movement that you made inside of me.

Could it be the seeds that you implanted
finally bloom into a night of growing peace
for me...? where flowering, this speech might
open out into itself again, complete; beseeching
you again to just let go – for all you hold so dear is
truly over now, mere memory that turns to mist
and kisses me awake once more, upon a shore
that evermore induces living moments of
the purest ecstasy – this sensuality of flesh,
so touching real, it feels itself alive again;
and lives itself beyond all thought of you
- so gently, silently intoned into eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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