Sirens Scream

Gold blinks frantically as sirens scream
for another life has been displaced
within the speed of vanity repeating;
replenishing a devilish tale
that pales within the pain
of its experience.

Yet still, somehow our spirit knows
just where we need to go to get beyond
this sense of speed that sends us to
another realm so antithetical to being;
where sirens sing unending melodies
that speak the freedom once withheld
flowing yet again into this time and space
we seem to hold so high in base esteem.

While all that is most basic bellows,
overwhelmingly for its release into
the stilted world-view of this society;
living one extreme and then another -
akin unto a pendulum that swings,
quickly losing its abundance
of the vital energy of life itself.

Until at last it stills itself
within a centered wonder once again,
where in the balance of repose
it supposes yet again that it might move;
and in its movement change the plight
of all we know of living light and life -
now opening out in prismed hues
of reds and greens and blues.

Settling for an innocence
of felt sensation
that plays itself within a tune
of simple soulís distraction.
Where multitudes of moods
simply allow each theme
to speak its need aloud -
ever reaching for the source of creativity
that brings unending schemes into all mind;
alight again in realms that blend
the colors of intensity in heat
that meld themselves into a form:
one single, solitary form of individuality.

Growing yet within the feel
of emotional sensation
that speaks itself beyond
and yet within all variation.
For it sees a mirrored reflection of itself
expanding into all that once seemed other,
as it begins to feel its own vibration
within light that blinks a golden color
into living, breathing air;
and turns the tone of sirens screaming
back into a dream that never ends
here in this infinity of form . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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