Sizzling - white light envelopes
all we used to seem to know.
Illusions grow and then just dissipate,
for fate and destiny are on the rise;
and all that is most wise within our being
insists upon a change in attitude.

Moody, we rebel against ourselves
only to find the peace of all release
lives only in the realms we fear to tread;
where blind emotion shows itself
in rainbow colors of a healing
the multi-facets of all soul
will bring to be.

Emotion rises, deep within sensation,
and every touch becomes much more
than ever we believed a touch could be;
completely altering the modes of our perception,
channeling our energy into a vibrant life
where everything seems new again.

Chaos dwells here, steeped in innocence,
all order simply blown within the wind;
and yet a sense of newly minted
verity is felt in wells that dwell
so deep within, they have to
open out.

We reach, we sink, we swim
and finally, we learn to fly,
discovering the secrets
so inherent in the whispering of wind,
that all we are amends itself again.

And all that seemed most alien,
suddenly becomes another avenue
to view the whole in its completion;
as sanity and vast reunion
come to conquer
every warring opposite.

While all the best arises,
in tides too compromising,
promising a secrecy
it never meant to keep;
for the well runs deep and true
and runs itself through everything.

While all that you and I once felt
takes flight within the wind,
to breathe itself to life yet once again;
as sizzling - white light envelopes
all that we are truly meant to be . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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