So Many Moments

Before we met and touched,
I used to feel a longing -
indescribably incomplete
and unsatisfied somehow,
no matter what I did
or who I was supposed to be.
And I searched the many faces
of those I met upon this path
of wherever I am going.

So long, so long, I waited
and I watched for your arrival.
Days and weeks and months and years
decades passed, with so much hope,
arising and then falling -
somehow tread to dust
upon this path.
(Still, I feel impending

At last a vision, far away,
yet not untouchable,
just seemed to come to me
from everywhere, and yet
from nowhere I have ever known before.
We met, across a distance I could span.
(Sweet vision, open everything to me)

Time just seemed to disappear
within your eyes, your touch,
your ever-deepening kiss;
the bliss of mutual surrender into love,
when at last we came together.
(One moment of reality come true)

Feelings indescribably complete,
joy Id yet imagined could be felt,
surges of the power of my youth
that I thought Id lost so long ago.
I came alive again and more,
in ways so few might ever know as real.
(Joy can this be happiness, at last?)

This feeling of the longest longings,
being filled to full and overflowing.
Every face we passed was lit with joy
to see the ever-present love
of our reunion.

Our first steps together
taken as just one,
arms linked around each other
in a magic mystery.
And then you spun me right into your arms
as if youd never let me go again.
(Oh, the heavens that ascended within me!)

So many moments, bittersweet,
now that the greater tides have swept you
so very far away from me.
And I cannot help but feel again
that sense of longest longing
coming back to haunt my days.
While nights are spent
just dreaming of return...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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