So Simply Then

She saw it all so simply then
through eyes of natural wonder.
The sun, oh warmth divine,
tingling on each particle of skin;
entering and changing everything,
even as a cool wind blew itself
into and through her soul.

The eyes of nature opened out;
and she became the glad recipient
of this life of all existence.
The scent of lilacs wafted through
within a breath now deeply taken;
each tiny flower, a star that streamed
through everything within itself alone.

People passed, unknowing in their glance -
yet too, in some way mesmerized
by just the sight of wisdom in her eyes;
adorning too, an ambiance that seemed
to come from everywhere.
They knew her not, yet thought perhaps
they recognized some long forgotten
piece of self they used to know -
for these eyes of nature saw them too.

Newly awakened, yet ever alert,
she saw it all so clearly then,
within a moment of eternal clarity;
while pen in hand, she sought to speak
the truth of this reality of life
for she saw it all so simply then
within the endless facets of all eyes...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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