Still Alive

Dead, but still alive inside
silence altered by a zone
of utter incandescence;
hues of color ripple in unmasked,
unmoving winds - and there
a body floats and swims,
unaided by its weight.  It glimmers
almost like the sun-baked sight
of deserts burning brightly
with an overwhelming heat,
as a mirage becomes
the core of its reality.

Happiness unfurls within each twirl,
as atoms have their way within each spin
and galaxies begin again within
a glance, a wish, a wink that speaks
of great desire told as it unfolds,
reborn within a silent, salient symmetry,
flowingly inviting mystery to enter in.

In secrecy, this chaos orders its creation
in bursts of light that blend with ebony,
allowing yet another world to be,
and in its being, sing unaltered tones
of love into the zone that really matters.
As matter comes alive again and feels
this utterance so deep and true,
it too knows the need to travel on.

Dead, but still alive inside
and living, reaching out to take a chance
to live this dance of utter harmony,
as silence sings in tones so pure
een angels settle in to listen,
knowing now the variance
of great, unknowing ambiance
that loving brings back
into life again . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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