Streaming Through

See how, even now, they rise and fall
within each other; they who once shared
love in every way. Now every spark
extends itself in time, as flames they
never spent become the bane
of their existence.

Rivers rage and icy maws are gnashing
in their sleep; for they cannot seem to
keep themselves apart; even now
when all their secrets have been spoken
in such an amplitude; and this is meant
to be, into forever; fuel for the ship
of all the bliss that they once knew.

They float, they drift, they see and feel
the grooves of every tone of harmony
that they attained; but dissonance
becomes the final chord; for the meaning
of the words of every love song ever sung,
now bleed in tones that sigh of nevermore.

Another spark, a flame, a burst; and then
again, explosion: great exposition of the
feeling of reality. High above, a mountain lake,
sleeps and dreams of placid days, when nature,
in her flowing fee, became another burst
of springtime energy.

Each storm was weathered, tossing waves away,
that were too deep; unspeakably, they sway them,
even now. Echoes of a savagery; regression of
instinctual force; even as the doors of past and future
come to know each other full, in all their glory
and omnipotence; just then, the dance of
now begins again.

Timeless this reality of love; and quite beyond
all measurement, streaming through
the everything we are...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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