Strive and Glide

The seagull glides
on currents of pure air
seeking entrance to the realms
of magic and of mystery
that lie just past the clouds
of evermore

One current weakens
swift the drop, yet swifter still
the beat of wings that rise above
into eternal currents that will
always carry on, for he seeks love
and nothing less will ever do
not any more

He hears his onetime mate
now at a distance
crying out for his return
but somehow now, he knows
so sure and so amazingly
that to reach this peak
he must leave her behind

For always had she given in
to the pull of downward motion
and he, alone now, found the strength
to rise above it all
there within the pain
of muscles moving once again
as he drove on

He left even the peaks of mountains
far below his winged form
for something undeniable and awesome
was being born through only this
his willing it to be
and through his perseverance
all his longing is set free

For this seagull strives and glides
still moving on pure currents
of the air of life itself
as his breathing becomes
everything that is

Small of form, yet oh so strong
within his heart and soul
he reaches yet again to feel
the whole of love
even as he leaves
his chosen love behind

Too late, he finds the truth:
the whole of love
did not exist
without her ever presence...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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