Test of Strength

First, he had to work his away
across the empty vale of his fear
where terrors born of nightmare visions
drove him quite insanely to his knees
and all he was became no more than just
a strain to rise and move again

Terrors of the night kept him awake
long beyond the grip he used to have
His mind seemed to explode
and then implode again upon him
as a deeper wisdom led him on
into the zone of all unknowingness

His legs no more than leaden weight
he struggled just to take a step
one and then another, he moved on
as howling screams of tortured souls
teased at his memories of safe and sound
Focus, focus, on the path ahead

He arrived within a sweat of ambiguity
Only to see, within a sliver of a moon
dark forest, all about, still looming
stardust come to lead him on again
into a sleepy glen where rest
was quick to ease the altered state
that he was reaching for

He drifted, dreaming, never wondering
how he might wake again into the dawn
for misty shadows welcomed him
to sleep within soft arms of forming dew
Before the small of dawn reached out
to touch the vast horizon
he awakened to a chilling feel of sweat
for his mission, always death-defying
lingered o’er him yet

His heart was beating oh, so fast
yet he felt he’d won a race somehow
muscles gleaming, so enticingly
when he glimpsed a site of whitest white
flying high, yet out of reach
and a gentle kiss of mist was
placed somehow upon his brow
as he settled into deeper sleep
yet still unconscious of his destination

He slept the sleep of death itself
a day, a night, a day
by the reckoning of clocks
hung high upon the wall of all division
Misty bright, the sun was hung
within the skies of his initiation
and yet he felt a new-won strength
flooding slowly through each cell
and never was a thought of loss imagined

She lay in trance-like gaze through all of this
willing him to win this test of strength
that she might feel his touch and know
the seeds of all the power of his creation
somehow knowing more of all of this
than he ever could control
and yet as he arose, she faltered
lost for just a moment in the glory
of his form

It was as if his heart had skipped a beat
while a nanosecond of pure nothingness
revealed to him the power of the charm
Grandly, in all confidence, he rose
to meet the challenge every man
must come to meet and greet in utter glory
for there, within the trees
the king that used to be, now threatened him
while mistily, his vision opened out
and yet beyond his mortal form

She felt with him, the power and the glory
within a frame that seemed to change
in shape and form and stature
Feeling then, the horns and hooves
that somehow grew within the magic of the night
and mighty muscles to defend
the lives of both of them
for truly both their lives were now at stake

They fought then, horn to horn
the prince and king
as hinds dug in to root them in the soil
for horn met horn, in all defiance
each wishing for no more than just the crown
and this was judgment day, beyond a doubt
Jab and thrust, the lust turned into
towering battle rage

A wound, a score, and then another
devouring pain, they hit yet once again
For old to young, the battle must be won
The battling seemed to last for hours
when, at last, the killing blow was struck,
horn piercing heart sincere
In just a twinge, the old king passed
into the new king taking now his throne
with a feeling of possession’s victory

The beast became the man again
heart flickering under the strain
and wounds inflicted blazed
in burning mystery for just an instant
when suddenly, the world came
into a different focus yet again
as men, two-footed came to help him tame
the mighty ravage he had just endured
while a sense of drunken dysentery
released him from the spells that had been cast
by and of the earthen nature of his form

A feast then, as the old king cooked
upon a mighty Beltane fire
and druids (thought extinct) extolled
new songs of king’s ascendancy
Ale and wine and bread and meat,
camaraderie complete
he felt his manhood stirring
oh so deep, desiring just one form

He was led then deeper still
into the heart of all of mystery
to his queen that lay in trance
who in the loving longing of all mystery
awaited his arrival
and the grail was found again at last
there within the misty magic
of their love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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