The Carnival

Round and round and up and down we fly
into and through those skies where stars
in luminosity abide. Too late, too late, he
thought to reach for her within these realms
of ultimate perception; just as she drifted
off into that crowd of mass confusion.

He sought, but never found her form again,
so crystalline that memory of being there,
right next to her, so close the heat of flesh
and of desire reached out to touch just when
that ride was drawn into another, greater
ending. For as she turned to him, before the
great division of ascension, he swears he saw
the stars and moon and more - the universe
and all that was shining deeply and completely
there within her eyes.

Ever would he search the many faces of each
crowd he came upon, looking still for her and
just another endless touch of her eternity. While
round and round and up and down, he rode
the tides of what they called a normal life -
that carnival of vague delight that never
touched (not quite), into the core of that
reality, set in magic spells of carnivals;
yet every night, he slept himself in trance,
dreaming of her eyes eternally...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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