The Full

The waiting is over; the time has come round;
moon reaching the full of its magic composure
within the surreal of the faceted hues of sunbeams
reflecting the light and airy nature that is found
within the house of Gemini, now taking its turn
to shine yet again, brightly in the blending
of the zodiac.

Consistently changing, yet ever the same;
lightning flash of stardust falling tamely in
your eyes of molten gold and blue; mercurial and
sure, alluring even more within the afterglow
of all we come to know, as we travel in
the patterns of this mighty tapestry, and
air that breathes the purest pleasure in
and out of all reality.

Oh, ecstasy of flight divine, now grounded
in this flesh of every sacred origin, how is it
that you come to be in me? Just now, when
all I am in this reality of flesh seems just to
be alone? Yet I have ridden on your waves
of airy light so many times before, and always
have you led me on in truth. Now I feel I must
respond again to this fascination of your call.

Whispering, just here, upon this wind that gently
plays with my sensations. Speaking of the breadth
and width that lives between the icy heights and
heat of deep desire. And here, just here, my
heart begins to feel again that sense of greater
love; encompassing the whole of here and there
and up and down. Expanding magically through
waves of wind that brush my every fear away.

You come and go invisibly, yet leave your mark
for all of us to feel. What would we ever do without
the airy ecstasy of your composure? Oh, harmony
of harmonies of thee the angels sing. Passing
through the densest matter of it all, and still you
sing so sweetly that all dancing feet must now
respond in motion that emotes itself completed
in the fullness of the gently falling light of this
one starlit night that holds another vision of
the darkness of the moon...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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