The Games People Play

Offense and defense; attack and retreat;
secrecy of blind but potent mandatory modes
of emotional manipulation; felt but not quite
touched - until that chemistry of flesh responds
beyond your mindís command; for your body
will demand its due from you, no matter what.

Discipline enforced by pain of punishment,
on levels that cannot be seen as real; yet still
the wounds are deep and the scars will keep
reminding them of why they must give in again
and yet again, as every barrier they build is
smashed to bits.

Yet still that spark of soul remains, to tame the
rage of just revenge; turning righteousness right
back into the right and wrong of who you really
are. So undefined, these realms of pure potential;
never found in penitence at all; but rather in
the power of our own forgiveness.

Sick and sicker, health declines, as wounds
remain untended; wounds that modern medicine
cannot believe are real Ė until they feel and see
and come to know the authenticity now spreading,
taking over everything they thought life used to be.
For some, the cure remains obscure; emotion still the
sticking point in all their brilliant minds.

And so they seek another strange and yet
strategic mindís approach - offense and
defense; attack and retreat; chemical
warfare at cellular levels; discipline enforced
by pain of punishment; Ďtis then the heart
gives out, for love is gone, and mind has
won its complex games again; the price:
another life thatís lost in vain, for the
quality of love was sacrificed and spliced
too many times upon the altar of their real
unspoken need...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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