The Maze

His mind was a maze
he followed through its labyrinthine paths
but time and time again
he'd find nothing but dead-ends
while still, some deep, unerring faith
would rise up from the mists
to say that he could somehow find a way
to reach that centerpoint
of balance and integrity
that might lead him to see
and then experience
the deeper meaning
underlying his existence

Alone, he walks
through shadowed lands of mystery
wondering why the others cannot see
these patterns played
with minute variations
of similarity in separation
as swirling particles
blending and dividing
become a living tapestry
that's always improvising its next move
within an ordered chaos
there, just out of reach of time
and uncontained by any sense of space

while he, at first, can do no more
than just observe and feel
his cosmic insignificance
as he begins to learn
the magic of these basic
transmutations of the soul
and bask in the ethereal glow
surrounding everything
in awesome, extrasensory
nimbus of a life's eternity

Subtle rays that move to touch
all other souls within their reach
and further, still
they seem to move right out of sight
as they blend into a harmony
supersensual in its intensity
defying yet defining every thought

and for every soul that opens out
uniting in the swirl and spin
energic flows and patterned paths
create pure trails of glory
in the vastness of it all
as the maze within his mind
no longer blinded
by the walls of base belief
in opening out becomes
another point of view
that brightens more and more
another way, another path
to lead us home


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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