These Things

Beauty and splendor,
terror and the turn of cruelty,
of all these things
the earth is made,
and so are we.

Long days of violent storms
have passed away,
and in the aftermath
we shake and tremble,
wondering how
we ever made it through.

From the depth of all creation then,
a calm begins to supersede
all the want and need we ever knew,
as the universe reviews
the very gist of our existence
and moves itself consistently
back into the wonder of it all.

This life, this time, this space,
the living grace that form becomes
(when once we feel the course
of these emotive mysteries)
a stream that runs
through every particle of flesh,
allowing us to intermesh
with everything.

So we move beyond our desperation,
thinking that we must ascend;
when deep descent begins to haunt
in spectered images repeating,
even through the dreams we sleep -
for we are past the brink
of mere awareness.

We’ve felt the love of life
that all creation’s built upon
holding us together through
the best and worst of stormy times,
upholding us until the morning dew
begins again to sparkle
in a newly risen sun.

For we’ve begun another journey yet,
unbelievable in its inception,
yet still we are and still we move,
evolving beyond want or wil;l
and hearts are open wide,
as we step into the other side of life.

Mesmerized, the chaos streams right through
ordering itself within
the beauty and the splendor,
the terror and the turn of cruelty,
the stormy and the calm,
the wound and then the healing balm -
of all these things, the earth is made
and so are we . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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