The Tone of Love

Cosmic energy, filling all
the emptiness of space,
whirling and twirling in spirit and grace;
composing shifting shapes that dance
and glide their way into the other side,
where hope and love reside.
Sharing themselves in all honesty,
remembering the used to be.
even as all vision rests on dreams
that spin themselves awake again.

Never before have I known how to feel
as I do now, in loving you,
where all emotion streams through two
instead of one alone.
And oh, this tone of dual empathy expanding,
as if a silent symphony aroused
a sense of utter harmony that rings
throughout eternity.

Ever reaching out and yet returning
a hundred fold in all that feels the best,
even as the snow upholds the stance
of its unmoving iciness outside.
Yet still, we circle round and through each other,
living in this bliss that has no name,
other than the truest love that ever lived.

And the cosmos resounds in ecstatic response,
energy moving in sparkling hues
knowing that sensation speaks it all.
Even here, just at the center
of the matrix that this language
brings to sing in understanding awe,
for we can feel its tone and more
in this transcendence.

Oh, great utterance of love
made real . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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