I see your face - I know you well,
although I sense these forms
and shapes have never met before.
Yet there within your eyes
a million moments of our loving lie,
unaltered by shape-changing themes.
For now in time and space, we dream
and dreaming, come to life again

I hear your voice, so deep and true
tone speaking through me now
as if we were the same;
and yet it was this way in ages past,
in that untamed and savage nature
where first we came to touch in flesh
and sense it all into ascent again

And there, oh scent that I adore!
divulging masculinity so bright;
descending then to femininity
within a reach of deep emotion.
Alternating in its rise and fall;
recalling all we ever felt before.

Flavoring, I relish thee
for through eternity
you are my sustenance;
nourishing this awestruck heart
in every moment of our meeting.
Here, in this continuance
that cannot have an end.

And there, within your eyes,
a million moons begin to play
a soul-struck melody that streams
through dreams of everything.
For now we touch - a flame ignites -
as ancient feelings stream again
into our modern lives.

Oh flesh divine, now singing through
this form that once seemed two,
I welcome thee;
and welcoming, become just one
embellished symphony
that waves all air into this breath
we breathe again
together . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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