To Give

Once this land stood free -
home to any and to all
who dared to take a hand
and make it home.
Yet now it falls by manís decrees
(degree by degree by degree)
into the hands of poverty and lack.
And the desire of the earth itself
has never quite been sated;
while still, we feel its mighty power
just at the base of all of life in form.

What will this power now become...?
If let loose from depths weíve yet
to come to know and understand.
Yet there, an orchard offers up to thee,
still free, its seeds of nurturance.
And once again we stand before
the ancient tree of knowledge.
The morning sun ablaze through leaves
of sparkling, dew-dropped green.
This time without an Eve to blame it all upon.

What say you, man of earth and air...?
Knowing this decision now entirely your own.
Will you nurture this nature, this grace of a gift,
and honor it for all it brings to you;
or will you too begin to claim
the best of everything thatís free
as just your own...?
And battle yet again for rights
that were really never yours
to give or take at all.
Liberty outlives each one of us.

Or will you share in kind, instead,
just as the ancient tree of knowledge,
bids us all to do...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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