To Know You True

It can never be the same again -
this and nothing more I know
to be the truth right now.
And so these changes open out
into a world forever spent
wishing for the arms
of love’s duration.

Yet even love, it must now change,
to rise above the awful ravages,
of ancient ages when all men
were only bent on victory,
and know itself to be it all, complete.

Those feelings, oh so sweet,
composed of only gentleness,
when first your newborn babe
was placed within your arms,
are gone, for they have grown
and stand now on their own.
Yet must we not all learn again
to cut the ties that only lead
to smothering within a womb
of premeditated dominance...?

But look now, Mother of us all,
how we have grown and changed!

Why then, have these,
the ties that bind us
one unto another
somehow worn themselves away?
We two who truly love...

And why and how,
oh, mighty Mother of us all,
does yet his rage still feed
upon the soul of all the love of life
that you have brought to being?

Answer me, I beg you please -
for we must come to understand,
somehow beyond all intellect’s demand,
to know it true.
And so I delve again
into your particles of being,
seeking for the source
of all we are...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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