To Lead

To lead instead of follow
to tread where none have been before
and yet where everyone must come to be
aware, at last, of this totality
that speaks in purity of tones
unaltered by the make-believe
the days have come to be.

Look again, my friend, and you shall see,
behind those eyes so tightly closed,
unfocused worlds of creativity;
where oceans of emotion come to tell
a tale of inspiration once withheld
within a limbo lying just between
the feeling of pure paradox,
that pushes us beyond the brink
of what we knew as reasoning.

Come fly with me and you shall feel
the source of all that’s real
as negative and positive unite
to sing of soft and sultry nights,
streaming through all known reality;
changing everything within a glance
of dancing symmetry.

Opening itself within each beam
of starlight streaming through these dreams
that lead our minds to where they need to be;
following these feelings' flight
in leaps and bounds of pure delight,
to sing through days and nights
in an unending melody.

Leading back to magic in a blend
of black and white, and every hue
that leads itself and follows through
to reach a sense of vagrant variation;
knowing life must travel on
in living dreams of uttered poetry…

?Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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