Touch of Eternity

Your hair is growing long
and flowing down your back.
Can you feel it there,
and then, can it feel you?
Does it know itself to be
a great and glowing work of art?
That in its movements
moves all else within its wake
in the slightest shake
of your sweet head.

There a curl, rebellious, curves
that draws its sight to eye;
while all around, the angels dare
to sing your tresses in a sigh
and then into another lullaby of life.
While at the crown, so satin sleek,
it waves itself succinctly
from the ground of all you are.

Sensuous and so surreal,
the angelís hands run through
these fields created by your very being;
touching you in ways
that you have never known before.
And the angel feels it too, in empathy.

Oh, sweetest sea of bliss arising,
let your drops fall down on me
and you shall feel,
within one smile,
the touch of all eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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