Transient Emotions

Anger, fear, the sorrow, pain
so transient their passing now
as we let go with understanding
filtering through mind and soul
and willing themselves into forms
of uttered and unerring love

I need to stay, yet I must leave
oh tragedy unfolding once again
Love pulling me in one direction
all else striving just to break
it into bits yet once again

How will I e’er amend this feeling
of catastrophe, now that
you’re not with me?

Oh, work of heart, so long
have I denied your ever-presence!
I do now, what so many others
in the world tell me that I need to do
but none of them can feel this pain
inside of me that only grows
within your absence

Tears flow now, unabated
as I realize the depth
of these emotions

Love, oh love,
please lead me back
into the feel of presence
For I know not how or what to do
to make this living dream of us
come true in this reality again

So I wander, feeling, through these fields
of these transient emotions rising, falling
contained too long within this flesh
seeking once again for their release
as I try to intermesh again the ties
that never really came to be
forever love nor never love at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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