Truth of Integration

Angry child of innocence
What will it take to make you see
the sense to this insatiability of all emotion,
and how shall I explain the grueling truth
of integration to such purity of mind?

Yet I must trust my soul to guide us
through these storms of our awakening,
into a stream that flows so mightily
it seems it must conceive another being;
for its currents reach so far and wide
it feels as if weíre smothering.

And so I seek a calm beyond all balance,
to find the words that must be spoken now =
of how and why and where and when
you and I might start to love again;
for I need to make amends for all the past
of real and unimaginary slights
from which the anger really stems.

Just as this peace begins descent
into a height that reaches through
belief in time and space,
uttering with grace unspeakable;
atoning for the world-view abounding -
that keeps too many wounded in
a force of acquiescence.

While heart canít help but to respond
to an angelic symphony
that whispers in the breeze;
drenching soul within the glow
of all that isnít happening just yet,
but waits in quiet wonder in all wings;
as wisdom streams from heart to mind
reminding us to simply breathe again.

As the letting go of past begins
to open out into a future always grander
than a past thatís left behind
within the time it takes for mind
to make and take complexity
into its understanding.

And too, within the waxing and the waning
of energy that might explode itself
if not for the consideration of its host,
as anger grows and fades into
these simple words:
I love you so
into eternity . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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