What’s Inside

We revel in the outer world
and all we think as separate
from this shell that we suppose
ourselves to be.
Little do we glean the truth
of the depth of our involvement.

Ah, but these inner tides run deep and true;
and all we say and do out there,
within the outer world of our performance,
is merely frosting on the cake of our existence;
where tremulous, so many moments teeter,
bringing us to all that lies inside -
too oft’ undbidden by a thought of its sensation,
where you and I still run in tides
that never really separate at all,
for all we know begins and ends
within the innocence of a mystique.

Participating always within realms invisible
yet always held so dear to hearts that beat
in rhythm with eternal heat that speaks
at last in words that we might understand;
simply saying this to take us there into
those realms of pure immortal bliss:
"There is no me without you"

And more and more, as we evolve
this depth of truth revolves
within the utterance of its enhancement,
for how could any ever be without . . . ?
this wild and steady, ever-beating heart;
at rest within the center of the earth
and opening out to all the universe.

While here inside, all love begins
within one heart that beats eternally
to seed the very essence of all creativity
and then, at last, to enter out,
into reality . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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