Within the Make-Believe

Lost within the make-believe
that others seem to think so real,
wondering how it might feel
to be one of the crowd'
while every breath I take
or move I make
proves yet again
that something in me still
demands and wills it not be so.

And so I grasp yet one more time
for an answer that seems perilous at best;
while here, in the discrepancy
weve come to know as our declining years,
a spirit of rebellion screams its needs
from deep inside.

So much of what Ive come to know
through years of living in society,
screams back at me to run and hide,
somewhere in solitude;
where the crux of all these moods
might live at peace within a feel -
exquisitely, in an expressive mystery -
beyond the eyes of those who find
these mysteries abhorrent.

While all I have been seasoned to believe
is breaking into particles and bits,
too small to study saliently
and I find that I must take a mighty chance
if ever Im to learn to dance again.

For I was lost within the make-believe,
hiding in the mists of a one-sided paradox;
but now the future knocks auspiciously,
leading me to take another breath
and step between the here and there,
where magic echoes in a greater harmony
than any particle or wave,
made to stand outside itself too long,
could ever hope to come to be . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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