You’re Gone

The hardest part is the waiting.
Wondering if today you will take
the time and make some space
to talk to me again or to
remember that we even
were in love at all.

I try to plan full days for myself,
but alas, there are still moments
when the plan just slips away,
leaving me in a lurch of missing you.
I wonder then, if you feel it too.

If I open my eyes too wide, even now
I see you everywhere, as a misty
vision of our days together
comes sharply back into focus.
Too sharply – still, sometimes
it wounds instead of heals.

Because now, within the vision itself
lies its antithesis – that cold hard fact
just keeps thrusting its ugly head
even into our most beautiful,
loving memories – you are gone,
no longer here to meet or greet
my love in any way.

Your voice on the phone these days
seems distant, where before it rang
like sunshine through my days,
and nights are long and empty;
filled at times with longing, but
no touch of satisfaction to be found.

We searched so long to find each other;
there is still a part of me that refuses
to believe you gave it up so recklessly;
but truth is truth – you made your choice;
you’re gone...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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