Your Favors

You think you do me a favor
by telling me how much you care,
even now that you have walked away
and spend your days and nights
and life, just breathing all your energy
into everyone but me...?

A moment then, to ease your mighty guilt –
two words "I care" - typed quickly in
and sent across these silent wires,
electronically enhanced; never stopping
for a second to consider what those words
might do to this form I am great harm,
for I  know and read your words
within this empathy of which
I've been conceived;
it seems to have no bounds -
not now that you
have gone and choose to stay
so far away from me.

You tell me how those memories of you
and I together make you happy, even
now; yet truth be told, they bring no
more than misery to me; just as your
presence brought your past of pain
so utterly complete to me while you
were here. So either way, I lose,
you see; no matter if you’re here
or far away, and I can no longer
play these games with you.

So keep your favors - they only make
it all feel worse, and let me have what
little life and love I can - without you here.
That really is the only favor you have
left to give me now , for you have chosen
to go back into your past in this –
this flesh of all awareness
that we each, at core,
must come to be - complete...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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