Youth Unspent

Messages from youth unspent,
irreverent in disposition,
whirling like a dervish through the mind;
despoiling every positive, creative attitude.

Strange, how moods can last
through all the many, growingyears;
suddenly appearing
when we least expect them to.

Taking us from height to depth
within an instant unsupposed;
supported by the moods
we’ve learned to carry in and on.

A word - one word unspoken -
in the nuance of an atmosphere,
uncovering the secrets held
so dear for all too many years.

Response, oh too responsive now,
emotion rising from a depth
divined within that utter innocence,
when all we knew were spirit’s shields,

Protecting us from this almighty pain.
Seeking then, a base abstaining;
procured only within the intellect;
an atonement that might seed deliverance.

Yet still we feel, too oft’ as time goes by,
these many moods of childhood reverie.
At the best and worst of times they rise
within these channels of all mind.

Provoking us to come to grips
with all that’s most mysterious;
delivering at last, the past within
the messages that youth unspent
delivers . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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