A Child's Heart

A small and wounded child was found
within a forest glen; morning dew
adorning skin exposed to night and day.
Yet just before the faeries blended
back into the earthen mists of sky,
they felt the love this child's heart
could bring, and they drew near.

Sparkling, their healing wings
of sheerest gossamer, were seen
to meet the morning sun, as ancient
realms began to coalesce within the new,
bringing one beyond that one point
where one must turn to two. The
forest trees were seen to take
a breath, moving in a wavelike
symmetry, swaying in a freshness
that reminded them of their awakening,
when all of earth was newly blessed
within one particle of presence,
conscious of itself in living form.

And they knew this precious child
must do much more than just survive,
for magic was alive and well and tingling
within this rare formation. And so they
called upon the wind, to all their elfin
friends, for this child's magic bent itself
in purely elfin ways, surrounding and
surrounded by unending rainbows
dancing in an atmosphere of healing.

'Twas then this child opened up
its eyes, and saw for the first time
the truth and beauty of creation, as
magic realms became more real in every
blink of one beholding them anew.
Then a sound, first sound, and angels
gathered round; for here they felt
the greatest love revealed, as this
purely earthen sky began to cry -
one tear of sheer and utter joy, for
this earth had given birth to bliss again.

The sun arose in glory all around,
newfound in every seed of light that
dances in between. Touch of light,
and cells begin to dance in a delight
found in a sound of strings that
sing in energy's vibration; surrendering
into a unity of growing strength
in the sensations and the feelings
of it all; enhancing even that most basic
music of the spheres, in an enchantment
always felt before - and ringing
ever after in all ears; yet now
this music came to know itself as real,
and gloried in a wonderment of awe;
reborn of one small form that
was the essence of love's innocence.

This is a child of light and life,
and each child has the right to live, to feel,
to be this music flying through our hearts
and souls. For each of us is born to be
another miracle of moments, etched
within the magic of a loving bliss of being.
And every step we choose along the way,
we choose - to be or not to be this love,
the source of living ecstasy divine...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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