A Destiny

Unauthorized, this healing of humanity
began. Sequestered, lonely, reaching back,
the new began (so slowly) to amend all that
she held of what was past and gone. Unnamed,
the height of mountains that they claimed
in every step, became an essence of this
firmament of mother earth; and he, the
guiding power, sustaining her into these
mighty, misty heights of being.

Atlantean, the stretches that this path
would have them tread. He held onto
her hand through all the grades of these
great spiraling maneuvers - never with a
thought of letting go - and so she rose to
such great peaks of height, that deity itself,
rose up and walked the way with them
somehow. (Root of being - oh beginning
of all endlessness that ceaselessly arises!)

Narada! Echoes of a source of being,
swept them further yet ahead. This one
and only word was all that passed between
them, silently; even as he lay with her each
night, and rose again, just as the dawn
ascended o'er those ever-living peaks
in living light. Rose-colored hues amid
the blue, come into sight as tints of violet,
yet still subdued.

Fading - every sense of sorrow fading
in the mists that dawn itself comes to
imbue. Gently, this evaporation came
to be an invocation, between and thus
within the lives of them as they moved on.
At last, a village (born of long-lost inspiration),
appeared within a valley of unending
mountains reaching and becoming only
sky. ('Twas as if the desert sands, at long
last came to be the source of every dewdrop,
just for her.)

Letting go her hand, she stood again alone.
Yet here, some sort of reverence received,
became her only due - as he spoke with them,
the villagers (she never really knew just what
he said to them that day of days). Yet they
accepted her within a hazy memory of praise,
as if the Goddess of the stars and sun and moon,
were echoing within each particle of flesh that
only she could wear for them just then.

Healing, the ever woven fabric of a greater love
than she had ever known so well before. And so,
her gratitude (met now in an equality of strength),
that came to bless the ever-growing multitude, that
one by one, she came to know so well. Was this
no more than just delirium? Or could it be she'd
finally found her fate within the greater realms
that some men called a destiny...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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