A Dragon

A dragon, silver-gold and glimmering within an
endless pool of ebony, became the focus of one
beam of living light divine. Red to white, an
endless stream of living hues and dancing light
began to wander far and near in exclamation.
No one point could ever be the best or worst,
not here, in realms of pure imagination.

The flight of a chameleon - what wonder and what
awe; would come to fill those eyes with childlike
delight yet once again.  What pure, amazing
incongruities existed here, somehow living
in a love of harmony - blending and receding;
changing yet repeating life in silken threads
of utter mystery. No longer dark, as in that utter
silence of his great foreboding. No, this was
something else entirely.

A state of fantasy - ecstatically, it bled its way into
their veins and out again, in beads of startling
revelation.  And its beat became much more
than any single living thing that stood alone.
For it multiplied itself in wakes of spiraling ecstasy -
up and down and round a sliding wave of air
that brought to life the grandiosity of love
and life itself.

Its flight became the meaning of life's ever-
altering; its dreams no more than just another
flight into forever. Wings beating in the upbeat
of another great remembering; awaking then
to glide upon those currents of the clarity of air.

Look up! Look there!
A dragon is awakening again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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