September 11th came - the bane
that brought them back to love again.
If only for a little while, they took
the endless fall into themselves.

The sorrow came, they cried their tears.
The fear is being overcome
in over-saturated states of mind.
But the anger and the rage of grief
was never really settled.

Can you feel it there, within the air
you breathe...? And too, within -
it's festering and breaking in to
that greater feel of winter spent
within a great depression.

Spring is here. The sun is bright.
Yet still, there is a shadow cast
that grows from deep inside.
This time around, it will not
be denied.

Vast horizons can't be reached.
The golden sand upon the beach
is stained. Wind and rain can't
wash away the gnawing pain
they feel.

They say they have evolved.
Perhaps it's true. War no longer
vents the wrath of their ineptitude.
Civilized, the wars have been
electrically enhanced. Is that
the only chance we'll ever have...?

Slake the need, and greediness
grows on and on. Whet the appetite
and grab the golden ring from that -
your aging merry-go-round. You grow
and so you must have then matured.
The number of the years support
the fact of that - even when you act
the child again.

The wisdom of ages is reaching for you,
but you refuse to pay the bill. Credit
cards are not accepted here. The
waiting game just isn't working either.
Take your ease and live to please
yourself. Is that the only answer
that you've found...?

The battle reaches into you.
Insanity is overdue. Dutifully,
you cling to all the wrong they
made of what they said was right.
The balance has been altered
by a focus on the light, excluding
all the depth of mattered form.

September 11th - the darkness
exploded. Life would never be
the same again. Can we really
blame it all upon a fractured
faction of society...?

Cast it out and say it isn't yours.
The scapegoat never learned to
plead its case - that makes it
safe for you.

Or does it...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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