A Little While

We loved, for just a little while - here, within
the vastness of eternity. And yet I still believe
in love, you see - even here, amid your great
denial. The terminal of your departure followed
you back there into the many roles you choose
to play again. You sacrificed your heart - for what,
I truly never wish to come to know at all. All I know
is that somehow, you thought that I would wish
to come to understand the error of the choices
that you made, and pass this knowledge back
to you. Yet still, I cannot grasp the gist of your
experience, for I've chosen to live anywhere
but there.

My memory runs true. You turned love
on and off at any other feeling of appeal
that happened to just catch your eye
in any given moment. So your life has
been, and so you chose it must remain.
And yet I still believe in love, you see -
even here, just climbing out of that vast
pit of your denial and immoral tendencies,
that twist and turn the truth into no more
than just another web of lies.

I lay no blame, and so I shall continue
to be blameless. I wish not for revenge,
for that would be a violation of my natural
tendency of temperament. You made it
difficult, to say the least, yet still I've come
to find forgiveness in my heart; even if it
must remain with me. For my intuition
tells me, even now, that if I offered it to
you, you only would attack in force again.

What you call love, seems more to me
to be a form of bondage or incarceration.
And yet, I also see great differences within
our pasts that interfere with any reasoning
attempted between us. Too little, and too
late, it seems - that close communication
that true love must come to mean.

For too long now, I have tried to come to
understand the way you seemed to close
your heart to love - so stringently and so
consistently. I finally realized this need
of mine would never come to a fulfillment
of its need where you're concerned. And so,
I seek again - the healing power I hold within -
for me and mine this time, instead of you
and yours. After all, this is the line you chose
to make into the error of our demarcation.

Somehow the magic words were finally
written - for days now, I've found ease in
the withdrawal of your pain from here,
within my mind and heart and soul.
I do not wish to understand your need
of its misplacement anymore. For you
see, I've finally found an open door,
into a dream and image that you've
never come upon. And so here, our
paths have finally come to part, at
the deepest, highest level of degrees.
For that is how you chose to enter me -
high and low, without the in between.

Now all that you once meant to me has
been forsaken by mistaken attitudes and
blind beliefs you choose to hold (within a
reverie of memoriesthat prove to be no
more than passing unreality). I know that
you still need to face your past, and yet I
cannot help you do that in this state of pure
denial that you're in. And the hatred that
you've come to hold, is just too much for
me to bear at all, no matter who you think
you hold it for. (Yet I must say that now,
I felt you sending it to me, no matter any
limitations set on your intentions).

We came together for a little while, and
oh, we loved, though - didn't we...?
If that was all the meant-to-be that we
could share, than I must say "so be it,"
and go on. For surely, with this soul of
mine, another strange, unique experience
lies waiting for me just around the bend.
And so these dreams of mine live on
within my heart. And so I find myself
arising to another great unknown occasion
of all the love I've always known
to be reality...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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