A clock ticks in the silence of your altered,
extraordinary mind. Higher still, a hum
entices something that seems hauntingly
succinct as it draws near. A nimbus there
(yet almost out of sight - just there where light
becomes essential), begins to glow itself into
a salient shape of form and living space.

Enchantingly, the clock becomes unwound,
as time and space rebound upon themselves,
echoing an empty space into a vibrant form
of living being. As if the sun were being born,
a brightness overwhelms the atmosphere as
joy is born. And here there is no fear to
interfere, for love is nigh, as the indigo of
nighttime skies becomes the glory of another
new created day.

Fading (has it been so many hours we've been
here?) into starlit dusk, where dreams are ever
brought into the thought of all reality. It is as if
a deity had suddenly appeared within the deep
of infinite and intimate connections. It speaks
without a word, and yet you know that heaven
touches you right now. Rejoice, for now
redemption is at hand...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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