Ancient Stone

The ancient stone that was rejected -
how eagerly he set it out in front
for all to see, and then the majesty
of a tall tower reaching roundly into
realms of sky.

Shadows rose and fell, revealing
all the wisdom of the earth in form.
O'er the months, it was reborn in him
through all his solitary contemplation
of one ancient stone.

It came and changed within his dreams,
as starlit streams of magic came awake
in his imagination. Silver glyphs and
runes of gold would form themselves,
just there - as if this ancient stone had
always dreamt of its deliverance within
a greater mind.

Purpose set, his task decided, long and
long, he etched the crest of all he'd been
upon this stone. Gold and silver flowing
from the sun and moon and stars, would
lighten any heart and soul and eye that
came to see it clearly formed within
the everlasting dream.

The earth itself drew power from this seed
of her creation - give and take, the warp
and weave, somehow was centered there,
within this soul of magic stone. Ancient,
and at times rejected, ever it lives on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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