And So...

He never really "needed her" at all.
So you write within your many words.
And choose instead the pain
of that one endless crucifixion
to send your soul into eternity.

Bleed again and lose the need
of flesh. Is that not what
the saints and martyrs taught:
Suffer more, if e'er you hope
to find his one redemption.

Did only Caesar die of a betrayal?
Impotent, the savior and the sovereign
passed away. Hauntingly, they rise
again, to fall into imaginary snares.
The fire flares, and there we see
the prophecy unfold.

Gold, the dawn of every newborn day.
Succulent, the scent of morning dew.
Too feeble and too few, the gist
we find in life's experience of truth.
It was as if they knew it all along,
and led you here to die in agony.

Darkly, stormclouds gather, moving
swiftly on the wind. Lightning flash,
the thunder rumbling. Too few, the
hearts that honor nature's call.
Rage and anger, passing swiftly
to the other side.

Where dark becomes the light
of heaven, shining in her eyes.
Struck, the symbolism of the
phallic nature of all trees. They
sing to her in praise - the bend
and sway of canopies within
the breeze.

And here we are remembering it all.
Solidity within an ever changing tapestry.
The flight of birds, so endlessly alive.
They do not strive to bring an offering,
they merely sing their joy in loving praise
of life in all the glory of its feel.

Cold or hot, the wet and dry - it matters
not to them, for sky is sky. And so they
fly - into infinity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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