As You Dream

What do you imagine as you dream
yourself to sleep these days...? This mind
of mine insists that I find out. For you and I,
beyond a doubt, knew all that is most
intimate in lives that shared, (for fleeting
moments) the reality of feeling only love
can e'er create.

It matters not, that the ill-conceived
and heavy weight of progeny would
never enter into me from you. For
the love we shared proved more
than any child conceived
could ever come to be.

Did you think that all that I have written,
and dared to share with you, was some
unbidden, great hallucination...?
But then, my dear - you still must need
to come to some defined and clearly
morbid superstition. Is that not what
your rationalization is really all about...?

Is that all there is for you then...? That
utter hopelessness of merely thinking.
Chosen as the path that you must tread.
Tired - tires ever moving on in greater
speed. Why do you bleed then...?
Through each moment of the blind
departure that you chose. (When,
in your eyes, I saw the truth of living
evolution in our love...?)

More than sight, I felt (I feel) the utter
desecration of your heart and soul,
ever since that point in time, you chose
to drive away. Yet still, you seek to
blame the error of your ways on me.
And no matter how you wish or will
yourself to flee the truth of who you are,
reality still enters in, disbarring any
credit that you hoped to come bring
your way.

While day by day by day, the pain
is growing within you, as you refuse
to claim the love you know as true.
Logical and rational, instead you seek
to hide within an intellect and will;
separated from the wisdom only
heart can ever bring to be. The time:
two years and (and so much more),
that you have sought some sort
of healing in me. Pretending
that the credit lay with you.
When all along, it was the love
we shared that made the healing
come true.

So tell me now, what is it you
imagine as you dream yourself
to sleep these days...?
There - in that bed that never
came to be the one you need...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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