The war between the worlds is breaking
loose even again; gods and demons taking
sides - now everyone will lose and win.
Pressure mounting; wrath inverted; vultures
screaming; death uncounted. Upside
down and inside out; mesmerized, they
reach again in force to find the source
of living power; thinking that they must
be gods themselves.

Jehovah stirs from deepest slumber;
nightmare visions startling even him.
The world shakes, and thus awakes
them all. Memories of oaths they took,
so long ago, are newly born within their
hearts. Valhalla mustn't ever come to
be in any realm of life's reality again.

Crumbling mass of steel and soot, those
towers still refuse to be forgotten. Crimson
red, the desert sand absorbs the magic
streaming from the veins of what we used
to call humanity; aflame with all the fiery
misery their deaths still bring. Electrically,
the unity once thought to be a sanctity, sizzles
through the wires in ire building, much as
lava will, within volcanic mires.

Silent voices scream their way through
endless miles of wires, building yet more
power, in a lust of great desire. Creation
turned to vast destructive attitudes of mind.
And all the little kings and queens, sit
enthroned before those blinking screens.
'Tis not a symphony that they create.

Fingers tapping, overlapping silence
that might bring them peace of mind.
Magnetically, their eyes are drawn
to yet another point of flashing light;
no time for shock, as all the world over,
those screens explode in unison. One
blast of living light, and all their eyes
begin to burn; hands groping now to
find that little cell within the phone; and
just as they begin to hear the dial tone,
poignantly, those mighty little cells begin
to melt into their ears.

Atomically, the numbers undertook a
vast adjustment. Thunderous, a mighty
voice intoned a magic word, that rang
itself into much more than just the
atmosphere. Birds began to sing its
sweet release. Hearts began to beat
within a memory of wisdom, while
every living particle began to open out
into an ancient reverie of ecstasy.

Just then, the dawn began to blossom
brilliantly across the earth. The dream
was spun, and life began to waken
to a feel of love in mighty unison...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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