Away from Them

Pretend to love. You mustn't run
away from them again. For when
they find you, they'll increase
the pressure and the pain.

Tolerate the agony
of beauty always out of reach.
Live within the travesty
that never knew of peace.
The masquerade is your ideal now.
Just call the rest insanity
and push it far away.

Sigh upon awakening, wishing
you could choose the dream
of love and ecstasy. Swallow it,
put on the same old face
of yesterday. Rote and numb,
the zombie comes again
to do its chores.

Lock the door and throw away the key.
The one that you were always meant
to be is really gone. Alabaster horn
of plenty, shattered on the floor.
How empty all your busyness becomes.
You used to think it all was up to you.
Now hours powered by command
are shattering in you again.

Battered, lying low within a ditch.
The Good Samaritan was just a wish.
Lazereth has come to kiss your eyes
with lullabies. Singing of the sweetest
peace of death. Tomb instead of womb
this time. Beyond life's rhythm, light will
shine; billowing in clouds of loneliness.

You never guessed the good to be so cruel.
Shimmering, a starlit haze
leads you deeper in the maze.
Labyrinthine depths are calling you.
Pretend to love, you must not run
away from them again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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