Beckoning Again

Swinging her legs off the crescent moon,
she pondered her invisibility. Without a
wish, it had become complete for her
somehow. She'd fled into the nether
world, to escape the crushing power
of his emotional ineptitude. He'd yet
to find her hiding here at all.

In those times when memories of love
brought tenderness into her heart, she
couldn't help but peek again, in hopes
of seeing something changed in him.
Of late, her disappointment seemed
complete. Seldom did she seek to
know the atmosphere of where he
dwelled. 'Twas there that great
destructive power was held.

Still, she did not understand, how
all of that had drained her of vitality.
Her strength was coming back, but
only slowly - it seemed eons since
she'd felt herself alive. Each time
he tried to drag her to the underworld
again, she chose to rise on high,
just on the other side of light, where
darkness could not take a hold of her.

She was troubled by it all, beyond
denial. Too many times, immortal
men became a haunting dereliction,
seeking mere destruction of the love
she held within. And yet, what good
this love she felt, if never shared
at all? She glided with the rise and
fall of sun and moon these days,
seeking for a sense of healing
energy to bring her into essence
once again.

So often, it had come to her - to aid
another's need, yet now the need
was hers alone, and nothing seemed
to bring that healing of relief she'd
brought to them. She had waited
patiently as time went on and on,
surmising that a change would come
before too long had passed. A year
and more, and still she waited here,
beyond the borders named as sanity.

It seemed that all she did these days,
was simply to observe. Noting all
the grand discrepancies for too long
held within the mystery of all their
blind beliefs. Spiraling illusions twisted
as they turned within their minds.
Streams of great delusions leaving
naught but misery within the wake
they always made in living rhyme;
moving, flashing - slowly in and out of

Grounded dominion didn't seem much.
And she found that she would rather
take to flight again, for the moon and stars
were beckoning again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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