Become Real

There is a sadness in the sparkle
of your eyes, as if another tear were
just about to become real. I wonder
how you hold it back at all, it seems
so large - just building there in you.

From a depth that turns emotions into
tides, the soul arises; resplendently
complete in its insanity of great ideals.
It speaks in silent wisps of clouds
that ever change their shape; building
into distant scapes of glory. At first,
no more than just a silent scream
escapes its bounds, but then a flow
of words must build around and
through the source of life itself.

Your human sight has been distorted
by its tendency to tears, as o'er the
years, each gain became another loss
upon a growing list of never really won
at all. And then the fall, of all you knew
as real and safe and of stability. It was
as if you were adrift within great oceanic
tides of being; and here you found your
home aflame with ever-living light that
soothed each mood into a plenitude of
love that never ends.

The opposites have blended here, into
a new tomorrow, where love streams into
being - now beyond all opposition. For each
extremity has come to meld itself into an
ever-flowing tapestry of heart divine. You
are. I am. We live this bliss in total harmony,
blending in each living symphony of you and I.
Moment into moment, we become - no more than
this. For love is nigh, and night become the brilliance
of a million stars still shining in an indigo of night.

The arms of love become themselves at last;
wrapped round each particle of flesh that we
live through. As seed seeks egg - my hand,
my leg, my heart, my soul, my mind, must
touch you now into eternity. For we are like
no other two have ever been before...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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